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RWPP is a monthly subscription box to empower YOU during that magical time of the month. Each box contains 15 organic pads-tampons-or both, 2 undies, 3~5 surprise gifts, and few samples!

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Never worry about running low on your feminine products

I’m really happy that this box is slightly customizable and provides organic pads and tampons. I love the little lifestyle gifts and the fact that you get two pair of panties in an inexpensive subscription! I might have to order a size up because for me they aren’t super true to size, but I love the selection they chose and there isn’t one thing in the box I won’t use. It’s practical and I’m extremely pleased.


I love this box! I was searching through a lot of period box subscriptions and found this was the perfect match! I was inlove with the idea of getting cute panties in a period box and so I chose RWPP. In my first box, I received two pairs of panties, one was a deep red practical panty and the second was a girly hot pink with cream lace (super loved them). The box also contained organic pads and liners, which I've wanted to try out for awhile. The 'comfy' items: the sweets, tea bag, personal 'lady wipe' and nail file were added bonuses. I look forward to my next box!


Periods suck, that's always gonna be the truth. But with this box, it for sure sucks less. Not only do you get treats (think beauty, snacks, health stuff, a great amount and variety!!) for during your period, but you also get *super cute* panties to wear after your period! I got size medium (I'm dress size 10) and a mix, and I got one thong and one lacy pair. Both Super comfortable, cute colors.


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