It's all about YOU

A little about us, how it works and some happy photos of us in action.


HELLO to my current& future subscribers!

We would like to share a little story about us

In Fall 2016, with very exciting mind, we have launched this period slash panty subscription box service. Such a fun idea for those women in general, a very useful self reward designed for YOU living in a busy world. Our ORGANIC pads/ tampons are beneficial for many women who suffers from menstrual depression, dysmenorrhea, or severe skin irritation. It will also help us embrace our periods as periods aren't a best topic we usually talk about, rather it is more of our embarrassment. Now you can run down to your friends and family, and  brag about your menstruation with your RWPP box! (laughs)

The main catch is that you don’t ever have to worry about running low on your feminine products! We got you covered every month.

When you receive RWPP box, we want you to feel special and strong! Usually our time of the month makes us depressed, angry, and powerless, but this box is exclusively designed to make you feel empowered during “ those “ rose-war days. Low on sugar level?  We got ya! You will always receive 1~3 International sweets in your box, plus 3~6 lifestyle goodies to make you look fabulous.

We adore our box, you should too. Enjoy your RWPP box!  

Much Love, 

The Rose War Panty Power Team